wheat berry breakfast, variation


This morning I decided to try a variation of the vegan breakfast I made yesterday. Everything is pretty much the same except I mashed up about one cup of tofu instead of the banana, and used peaches instead of nectarines. Again, mixing in about 1/2 cup cooked wheat berries and a drizzle of agave nectar. 

I grew up eating tofu, so the texture and lack of flavor on its own aren’t an issue for me like it might be for some of you. This was the first time I’ve used it in a non-Asian manner, and certainly the first time I’ve ever had tofu for breakfast! I thought it was pretty good, and I found it to be much more filling than yesterday’s with banana. The texture of the crumbled tofu reminded me an awful lot of anari, which is a cheese we would eat for breakfast whenever we would visit my grandparents in Cyprus. I have many fond memories of being in their stone house in the village, eating thick slices of anari drizzled with honey from my great-grandfather’s bees. The tofu doesn’t have the creaminess that anari does, but I think because it was so reminiscent of a food from my childhood, if I had drizzled honey over it instead of the agave nectar, I would have sworn I was eating anari.

Me around age 4, I think, with my grandfather making honey.



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